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Print Your Memories: Do People Actually Print Their Photos Anymore?

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One of the lovely things about having professional photos taken is that you finally have a great set of images you can use however you choose! Of course, you can save these to your hard drive to have for forever, share them to social media for all friends and family to see, or put them in a scrolling digital frame in your home. I love the idea of all of these, but “who prints photos anymore?” I want to give my thoughts on why I believe that everyone should!

Family photos posted on a wall are one of my favorite things to see when going to someone’s house. Any portraits give you a little look into a family’s life. As much as I disliked it at the time, I am glad my mom had us take regular family photos growing up. These old photos are fun to look through and remember that snapshot in time of our lives.

The Power of Printing Your Photos

Looking through physical family photos can be so much more exciting and memorable. I remember times when my family would take out the shoe boxes of 4 x 6 prints of old photos from when we were young. What I loved even more was when we got out a similar box but it was when my parents were young and they were able to share stories about their childhoods into the beginnings of their relationship. You can do this with a computer and hard drive as well, but it doesn’t have the same luster as that dusty old photo shoebox.

tiffin ohio wedding photographer print collections

I can’t imagine being without the scrapbooks my mom worked tirelessly on. There are so many exciting memories packed into those books and albums and it always brings them back looking through them. Passing down family albums and scrapbooks is not something I am not personally ready to give up as it means so much to me. Just recently, my grandmother gave me some albums of my sister and I. It was so awesome to look through them and reminisce.

Having the physical prints available such as in a shoe box is similar to having a backup of these photos too. Hard drives and computers, although it may be rare, are capable of failure. If you have prints, you still have a copy of these important family photos so they are not lost for good.

I hope this is some inspiration to have those family photos taken, and when you do, printing them out! Preserving your family legacy is something you can start now and you won’t regret doing so.


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