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Playful Engagement Session at Bexley Ohio's Jeffrey Mansion

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session Jeffrey Mansion

I have had the pleasure of knowing Larkin for a while now, as she is a high school friend of one of my best college friends! She also attended Capital University, where Ben went to school as well so I saw her on the small campus a few times when visiting him. I think my favorite funny story with Larkin is when I said hi to her on Capital’s campus and I was so out of place she didn’t remember who I was. It’s too good, we still laugh about that. Larkin and Jonas’ lovely engagement session began in Bexley, Ohio at Jeffrey Park! Since we were right near Capital University, we of course had to stop at their old stomping grounds to get a few photos too!

Both Larkin and Jonas attended Capital University in Bexley Ohio. They met and really hit it off being the only two “middle distance” runners and training partners for the track team. They enjoyed talking about their families, interests and future together! Their proposal story is just so special so I have to share it!

“I always told him that I wanted to be completely surprised with a proposal and he sure did listen!! We were on vacation in Florida at the beginning of June with his family and spent a day at Clearwater beach just the two of us. I had a gut feeling something was going to happen, but I pushed it out of my head so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t. Low and behold, nothing happened. Little did I know, he had the ring with him the whole trip, but just didn’t find the right moment to propose, which is so Jonas because he is so meaningful and intentional with everything he does.

He had talked to my family beforehand and they were all anticipating a call from us. When they didn’t happen my mom got worried and called Jonas when we got back from the trip. Jonas explained what happened and my mom told him that it doesn’t have to be some huge special thing.. it could be a random Monday in the middle of June! He took that advice and decided to propose on a random Tuesday in June, lol. He asked me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I didn’t think anything of it. When he came home from work he brought me my favorite flowers, tulips. I still did not suspect a thing. We went to dinner, came back and I started getting ready for bed. He stopped me, said he had one more surprise and had me turn out and close my eyes. I still had no idea what was about to happen. When I turned around he was down on one knee with a little box in his hand. I was shocked! I literally ran away realized what was happening and ran back. From there, I blacked out and do not remember a single thing! When we were calling our family they all asked if I said yes… I couldn’t even remember! 🤣 Jonas assured me that I did in fact say yes. Looking back, I love how he proposed. It truly was a perfect representation of our relationship.”

Their engagement session was absolutely so much fun! We almost rescheduled because it was pretty soggy and sprinkly. We for sure made the most of it and even had some fun in the rain! These two were such naturals in front of the camera, it made my job so easy. I had such a blast with Larkin and Jonas during their engagement session and am stoked for their wedding in July too!

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Jeffrey Mansion Engagement Session

Jeffrey Mansion Engagement Session

Playful Engagement Session at Jeffrey Mansion

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Jeffrey Mansion Fall Engagement Session

Playful Ohio Engagement Session

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Capital University | Bexley, Ohio Engagement Session

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Holding hands showing off engagement ring

Bexley Ohio Engagement Session

Love when college sweethearts go back to campus for their couple's session

Capital University Engagement Session




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